To All Diaspora Parents!

I encourage all parents who are raising their kids here in the US to watch this video.
I especially recommend this video for parents who have migrated to the United States with little kids.

The points these young people are raising are relevant and crucial that helps us parents make our relationship with our kids not only meaningful but purposeful and successful.
I want to thank and appreciate the SUNSET video production for their excellent job which is directed and produced by Zelalem J. Aychiluhim! Great work!
I also want to thank and appreciate these beautiful and handsome young Ethiopian people, mentioning their names (going from left to right):
Tsion Kinfe
Berhan Tizazu
Yadi Getachew
Hileena Gebreyesus
Dagem Befkadu
Robel Gizachew
Great job guys! We expect more from you all! Your work indeed bridges the gap that exists between Ethiopian parents and their Ethiopian-American kids in an incredible way.
May God bless your lives and hard work! ///
P. S. I think it is good to watch this video with your kids so you can discuss with them.