Sex Before Marriage

Let’s assume for a moment that you’re in the Sahara Desert, looking for a drop of water. Then all of a sudden, a man appears with a coca cola can and hands it to you.
You finish the whole can in a second and look up hoping that he would give you another one. Laughing at you hysterically, he gives you another can.

As you continue drinking the cola, you quickly realize that you’re getting thirstier and weaker than before.
You see, just because you’re thirsty doesn’t mean that you’re thirsty for any sort of drink. Rather, it means you’re thirsty for WATER.
That is why you don’t give to those who are hungry and thirsty coca cola; unless of course you want to hurt them. You give them pure water and let them live well.
And when you drink coca cola, you feel like the cola kind of gives you a sense of satisfaction similar to the one you get from drinking water. But in reality, the cola makes you thirstier than before.
Because the sugar and all the artificial food coloring in the cola, even if they give you that sense of satisfaction and a quick surge of energy, they dry you up and throw you into a worse place than you were before.
Guess what? Sex before marriage and all sexual activities which don’t honor God are just like that.
You know what, I like the analogy! Don’t you? I do. ///