Today is Our 21 Year Anniversary!

May our Lord Jesus Christ take all the glory, praise and honor!

Yes, today my husband and I celebrate our 21 year anniversary! It is because of God’s mercy and grace that we are able to see this day. We bless His name forever!

This is what I am saying in this video for those who can’t understand Amharic:

The three things my husband and I strive to do every day so we make it to the end as one-flesh:

1. We “individually” try to emulate Christ in our marriage by mainly focusing on things we need to change.
2. We strive to love Christ by obeying His word (my husband to love me and I his wife to submit to his leadership)
3. We strive to pray together every day so we will have oneness in every area of our lives.

I will do everything I can to caption this video in English. But the above three points are the ones I am addressing in this video.

Thank you everybody for all your sweet “Happy Anniversary” greetings. We appreciate you all!

God bless you! ///