Why Do Men Hate – – –

– – – to get gas for their almost empty car gas tank?

I wish I knew. I would have told you. And it is not only my husband but most men I know drive their car while the empty tank light is blinking on their faces. Why?

No clue!

The other day I said to my hubby, “Baby, this car is empty. You need to get gas before you get to the highway.”

He looked at me as if I lost my mind. “Are you kidding me,” he said, “This will definitely be enough to get me to work and bring me back home.”

And, sure enough, my hubby came back home safe, in one piece with that same empty car. How? Don’t ask me since I don’t know.

Did I pray that day? You bet I did! I quietly prayed saying, “LORD, teach my husband today to never drive an empty car!” Did God teach him that day? Nope!

Now I know who needs to change! Not my husband but me! I need to stop freaking out. Now I am teaching myself not to look at the fuel gauge when I ride with my husband. I just relax and enjoy the ride. I mean, after all, he’s never been in a situation where he had to pull his car to the side curb and walked home because his car has never ran out of gas. Never! How?  I don’t know! So, why do I sweat it, you know what I mean?

As long as I get gas for my car, I need to relax knowing that my husband knows when to fill up his car.

Do you find the one message from this? If you do, tell me. ///