Not Good!

Letting the past go is a rocket science for many of us.

The problem is, when we don’t let our past go (our past faults and failures, SIN), we let our past take over our present. We literally mortgage our present by our past as Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said. This means, while we live in the present, we make ourselves to mentally, emotionally and spiritually unavailable to be effective and productive in our present.  
We let our past take all our being. It is like driving a car gazing through a big rear-view mirror.
Can you just imagine yourself doing that?
You won’t go that far before you find yourself in a major car accident. That is why automobile manufacturers make rearview mirrors much smaller than the windshield because they want us to see through the windshield and get to where we want to get. 
Yeah, sometimes we try to drive a car called “Life” looking through a big “rearview mirror” called our past.
Not good!
When we get consumed with our past sins, we’re in a way saying to God, “My sin is bigger and more powerful than the blood of Jesus.”
And when we do that, guess who we offend? Guess who we call “a liar?”
You guessed it!
Not good!
Listen what the word of God says: “Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy” (Psalm 33:18 KJV)
When we hope in His mercy, we will be able to live for the glory of God today. God wants us to live for His glory today because He is not the God of yesterday or tomorrow but the God of today, the God of now and He always uses people who are available in the now, the present, not people who are locked up in their past. 
BTW, do you know why God is not a God of yesterday or tomorrow?
Because He has no past or future! That is why His name is I Am, not I WAS or I WILL BE.
Wow! I love this! ///