Can A Woman Teach?

A4P Guest: Hi Missy, a topic came up during our Bible study and I want to run the topic through you. It’s in regards to women in the ministry. I am a big fan of yours and your ministry. What is your understanding of Scripture when it comes to women being teachers/pastors? I notice that most of the authors and teachers you quote hold a complementarian view; they are against women being pastors/teachers of law.
A4P: You know, almost all the theologians I follow closely don’t believe in women being a leader, or a pastor, a teacher of the word, and a shepherd or an overseer of a church. With some reservation, I agree with most of them. Why did you ask me this question? I hope you don’t see me as a shepherd, a pastor, a teacher of the word or an overseer of a church. Do you?

A4P Guest: I mean, you do teach, don’t you? You even came to our church recently. By the way, I loved your teaching. In my opinion, you in fact addressed your topic better than most men. Don’t get me wrong, I am okay with women teaching and ministering but holding official positions such as shepherd or pastor is my issue.
A4P: Just curious! So, why do you agree with the notion that women shouldn’t hold official positions? What if the company you work for has a woman CEO? Are you going to quit your job?
A4P Guest: Official teaching or pastoral position in the church is what I am talking about here. In the corporate world, I have no issue. My general manager, vice president and chief operating officer in our company, all of them are wonderful women.
A4P: Safe game! Don’t trust these social media. Before you know it, what you write on social media will find its way into your bosses’ inbox. So, make sure you choose your words wisely if you don’t want to lose your job. Just piece of advice here!
So, tell me. What is the difference between a church setting and a corporate world setting?
A4P Guest: The Bible sets clear boundaries that the roles of elders/pastors/shepherds are reserved for men only (1Timothy 2:3, etc) but any other positions are fine, like counseling, children’s ministry, cleaning the church and all that. The Bible doesn’t place these similar boundaries it sets to business sectors.
A4P: Why do you think the word of God put those boundaries then? Why?
A4P Guest: If you look at 1Timothy 2, the reason Paul gave was the order of creation?
A4P: So, the order of creation works only in the church not in the corporate settings?
A4P Guest: According to 1 Corinthians 14:34, women should keep silent in the church.
A4P: Stay with me now. I know all the Bible verses which talk about women. Just focus on the question. The question is, why did God put those boundaries in place? Is it because “women are mentally deficient” compare to her counterpart (a man) and she is “less intelligent” than men?
A4P Guest: In the name of Jesus Christ! I never said that! I believe that women are equally intelligent, valuable, etc as men.
A4P: I know! I just remember what I read from one book and I was wondering if you are in a way referring to that same line of thinking. It is okay. You are safe with me as well as with all your women bosses.
A4P Guest: Not to be safe. I am just stating the fact I know.
A4P: Good! State the fact for me then. Why did God put those boundaries? Why? Remember, it is the will of God for us to ask this kind of question. It will lead us to the truth that gives us unmovable conviction that takes away all fears.
A4P Guest: The Son of God, (Jesus Christ) was submissive to the Father when He was on earth. His submission didn’t make Him any less “God,” did it?
A4P: Don’t go somewhere else! Focus on the question. No more analogy!
A4P Guest: Well, here are my answers: 1. Because the Bible says so (my grade 2 answer), 2. Order of creation, 3. Role of leadership in home and church is given to qualified men, 4. I will research for more reasons.
A4P: Your 3rd answer sounds like you’re quoting what I previously quoted for you, “Women are less intelligent than men.” Anyways, from all your answers, I only like number 4. So, when you are done with your research, I would love to hear your findings.
A4P Guest: But, based on your understanding, what is the answer to the why?  
A4P: Asking me?
A4P Guest: Yes! I’m always willing to learn.
A4P: But this is not the best way of learning. Do your own searching and reading and come and share with me.
A4P Guest: Fair enough! You will hear from me soon.
Good one! ///