Happy Birthday to the Most Amazing Young man I know!

God is good all the time; and all the time, God is good!
Fifteen years ago today, I gave birth to a big boy, 9lbs. When I was three month pregnant, in the middle of my morning prayer, I thought God spoke to my heart saying, “It is a boy and call him Biruk.” (In Hebrew – Biruk is “Baruch” – means “blessed” – Jeremiah 36:4)

Right after God gave me my son’s name (we didn’t know the gender of our child until I gave birth to our child), on my OBGYN three month check-up day, the doctors found something that they believed could threaten my son’s life and their decision was to terminate the pregnancy (means, to do abortion and kill my baby).
Lying on that clinic bed, my gynecologist announced the news to us and said, “I will be right back” and he left the room.
I was shaking and sweating. With that three months time, the volume of the amniotic fluid had increased by threefold which they said was a typical sign of the presence of a serious health problem with the baby.  
Then while my husband was trying to calm me down, somebody opened the door. A white woman that I have never seen before came with other two white women. They all dressed up nice, skirt with jacket and high heel shoes. So, they stood around the bed and one of them said, “We’re very sorry for the news but you’re very lucky that it was found at this early stage. You have nothing to worry about now since the procedure to terminate the pregnancy is not going to be big of a deal. Sign this paper and everything will be okay,” showing us a paper to sign.
My husband immediately said, “No, we won’t terminate the pregnancy.”
One of the women gave him, “We are not talking to you” kind of look and continued: “You are very young and we’ve heard that you’re pursuing your doctorate degree. We wish you all the best. However, if you decide to have this baby, your life will never be the same. You can’t go to school and you won’t have any life but to take care of a very sick baby for the rest of your life. The baby may not make it to birth but if he does, he will be – – -”
I didn’t hear the rest. My body began shaking, my husband held my hand tightly.
Again, my husband, with a calm voice, looking at a woman said, “I told you, we are not going to sign the paper because we are going to have this child no matter what. We will take care of our child.”
Remember, I didn’t have any medical background at this point and I was scared to death with all the medical terms and prognosis they were throwing at me. I was confused more than words can express.
My kind husband, this godly man, stood between three powerful women and his scared wife and called the shots, “We appreciate you all but neither I nor my wife sign this paper. We will have our child no matter what.”
They ordered many more tests, including a biopsy from the amniotic fluid. My husband declined all the tests saying, “Whether all these tests come negative or positive, we will keep our child. So, no need of doing any more testing.”
I wanted to scream but kept quiet, calling the name of Jesus in my heart. 
Yeah, that was 15 years ago and I gave birth to a healthy boy on Friday, September 06, 2002.
Today, that little boy is a 15-year old handsome young man who loves Jesus Christ. My Biruk didn’t come out of my womb as they predicted; rather he came out being hungry. He looked a professional baby boy who learned how to get milk out of his mama’s breast. Without any breastfeeding training, he immediately got to work to save his life in the delivery room, drinking breast-milk like nobody’s business.
No, nothing they predicted had happened to my son. Biruk, my son, actually came to this world with a brilliant brain and a loving, kind and caring heart just like his dad.
Is there anything too hard for God? (Jeremiah 32:27) Nothing! May the name of Jesus Christ be praised forever!
Because of Jesus Christ and the determination of my husband to stand for LIFE against all odds, my son got a chance to live.
Happy Birthday Biruk, my son! You are indeed a blessing to us! We can’t think our family without you being it. May God continue to bless you! ///