Wonderful Book!

I just got hold of this book yesterday night and I’m already in love with it. The author has some sense of humor.

Don’t you enjoy listening to funny people? I do! They help you give your hearts and ears willingly to the toughest message of God. I love it!

Dr. Bechtle was on Focus on the Family daily radio show last week to talk about his brand new book called “I wish he had come with instructions” and listen to the subtitle of this fantastic book:

“The woman’s guide to a man’s brain”.

Talk about my kind of book, this is it!

Yes, I already got my copy.

Anyways, for today, here is my message:

Do people tend to annoy you a lot? Do they drive you nuts?

Well, don’t let them have the Key! Keep the key with you all the time.

Stop the blame game and take control of yourself, the way you respond back to others without handing over the key to them.

If you want to learn more, grab Dr. Bechtle’s book you see on the picture. ///