Happy Mother’s Day!


You know, while I was thinking and praying this morning about what and how to write the Mother’s Day greetings, something kept coming to my heart. And this is what it is coming to my heart:
I want to dedicate this day to a special young mother out there.
Who is this mother?

Well, here is her description:
She is young and beautiful. One fateful day, she made a mistake and slept with her boyfriend and found herself pregnant. She didn’t know what to do. As far as she was concerned, she didn’t know any girl in her church that went through this. She was scared to go to the pastor or to any of the ministers. So, she ran to the man who ought to be the father of the child she was carrying in her womb. She also ran to her best friends and to everyone she thought might have solution. And at the end, she ran to her mother for help.
But everybody said to her the same thing as if they’ve talked to one another and decided to give her the same answer, “You have just missed your period for two weeks. Take care of this now before it is too late.”
But her heart kept on saying, “But, it is already too late.”
And to make a very long story short, this young girl decided to give her child a chance to live.
She now secretly celebrates the birthday of her child that she put up for adoption. She always prays to God, “LORD, thank You for helping me let my baby live. Wherever my child is, please be there. I cover my child in the blood of Jesus.”
Nobody knows that she still prays for her child after so many years; but she does because she is a mother.
So, I dedicate this Mother’s Day greetings to this mother.
Happy Mother’s Day to you, brave woman!
And thank you for giving your child a chance to live! May the LORD bless you! ///