My Recent Travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Thank you for all of you who liked my family’s Ethiopian Christmas Day picture and dropped off your sweet comments. I know most of you don’t know this but my siblings are on this page and they liked it too, lol. I love them very much!

In case you don’t know this, that particular family picture doesn’t represent the whole “Tadess Kifetew’s” family but only 1% of the family. For example, our German brother-in-law, the one we love very dearly, is not in it because he was the one with the camera. All our in-laws, three of our siblings, eight of our parent’s grand-children (two them are in the picture) and around 67 their adopted grand-children (adopted children of my brother, the one you see in the picture wearing eye glasses) were not in picture. I know, it is a very big family. When I manage to get them all in one picture, I sure will post that picture so that you will meet them all.

Some of you asked me yesterday in church to write about my stay in Addis. Do you think I can start to write and finish it all here on this page? I don’t think so!

Well, I had a wonderful time with my family! We shared lots of love, laughter and tears. We all don’t like to say good-bye to each other. That is the part I don’t want to remember. But we had fun; and we ate too much!

Ministry! Oh, LORD, where can I start?

First, I would like to say “Thank you” to Daniel Wondemu (Ethiopian A4P’s ministry agent) and his beautiful wife, Messi, who worked very hard for the success of my stay in Addis Ababa! They were the ones to transport me here and there, with their own expense. They were the ones to publish the teaching CDs and magazine and distribute them all everywhere I went to. Oh, LORD, how can I thank you guys! May the LORD repay you two in double and triple portion!

I also want to say “Thank you” for all the pastors, leaders and elders of the two churches, Misrak Meseret Kirstos Church (MMKC) and Mekanisa Mekane Yesus Church (MMYC) who invited me to speak. Thank you and God bless you and everything you do for the Kingdom of God!

I know how difficult it is for any minister to invite me, lol, because sexual purity is a tough topic to deal with. So, “Thank you” for opening up your church doors and hearts for me and the Appeal for Purity Ministry to come in! I also want to say “Thank you” to the MMKC’s family ministry leaders for all the love, respect and beautiful gifts you gave me! May the LORD bless you and yours!

I also want to say “Thank you” for the Victory Fellowship, (the Indian students’ fellowship) for being sponsors for the Appeal for Purity first magazine’s publication and for standing up with me with everything! Oh, my! You guys rock! I love you all! I am glad I went to India for three years to know you guys and be part of your group!

And, last but not least, “Thank you” for the young men and women of MMKC and MMYC for your love and devotion for following my page, (which is A+, lol), and for attending all my teaching programs! May the LORD help you all inherit the land as He promised, (“But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace and prosperity.” Psalm 37:11).

Then, I would like to say this: I HATE PORN!

Porn addiction is not only the problem of the American churches but the Ethiopian churches too. Oh, LORD, open up our eyes and ears!

Sure, I spoke about porn and other sexual addictions even if Satan tried to stop me.

I love to be with Jesus because I always WIN through Him!

God is good! Even if my heart was broken with the reality of porn addiction, I was comforted by lots of testimonies I heard after I ministered. Some people were at the verge of ending it all because of the sexual addictions but after they heard the message of God, they saw the hope they have in Christ. What a joy for me to hear that! I also heard testimonies of married couples who were also inflicted with porn but now renewed their vows before God. May the name of God be praised forever!

In short, my travel was complete success! May all the glory, praise and worship be to our Lord Jesus Christ!

Okay, at least let me tell you one incident that happened on my first day. It was on Sunday morning service, December 28 at the Misrak Meserete Kirstos Church (MMKC). After the worship leaders came down from the stage, my favorite Ethiopian Gospel singer, Addisalem Assefa took the stage to sing. Before she opened her mouth to sing, the electricity went out as if someone “puffed” the light out. She waited standing behind the pulpit and went back to her seat. Then one of the pastors got up and started praying.

Somebody came to me and said, “Because of the time and everything, we are going to give you the stage half an hour before your time. There is no microphone, so please try to speak loud. Get ready.”

The moment they whispered that to my ears, the Holy Spirit fell on me! That is the only way I can describe it.

My eyes got filled with tears (which is always the case when the Holy Spirit falls on me) and I began hearing this in my heart, “The spirit of Jezebel might scare strong and power men but not Jehu because Jehu is anointed to destroy the spirit of Jezebel!”

And with my eyes swelled up with tears of joy I turned around and asked someone who was sitting next to me, “Please tell them to give me the pulpit now!”

The rest of the story will come out soon on DVD or I may decide to post it on A4P’s YouTube channel.

Oh, how I love to be with Jesus! How I love to be God’s ambassador! (2 Corinthians 5:20) May His name be praised forever! ///