Why are You Taking Life too Seriously?

There is nothing wrong with loving life; especially a person who loves and follows Christ has no choice but to enjoy life to the fullest.

Our youngest son the other day said; “Mom, whenever I laugh, I feel like Christ who is in me laughs with me too.” Hmm, makes you think, doesn’t it?

I said, “Sure, as long as you are laughing at something that doesn’t dishonor you as a person and your Jesus as God, I’m sure the Jesus who lives in you sure laughs with you.”

But someone the other day said to me, “You take life too seriously. You are uptight. Loosen up a little and enjoy life. After all life is fun. Why don’t you laugh at the joke?”

I can’t laugh at a joke that denies the very thing I give my life to.

I don’t think God, one day, got up and said, “If I send my Son to earth for Him to die on the cross, I will have fun.” I don’t think God was joking when He killed His Son on the cross for me. I don’t see this truth as a joke but the Truth that sends some to heaven because they accept and believe it or sends some to hell because they reject it.

Hell ain’t a joke for me, Beloved! Heaven ain’t a joke, Precious.

I do enjoy life, EXTREMELY! But my enjoyment has boundary. Why?

Well, after Jesus came to my life, he loosened me of the power and grip of sin which was dominating my life and gave me amazing freedom. But the freedom I received from Christ has boundary, up to the edge I can worship my God with truth and spirit.

Since I’m not a slave to sin anymore, I’m a slave to Christ Jesus.

Yes, I am “loosed” from the grip of the power of sin through Christ Jesus. I am free to enjoy life but not to the extent that puts me back to bondage of sin.

I love making jokes and hearing one from others but I can’t laugh at the joke that destroys my inside tranquility and serenity of mind.

I am loosed indeed. He loosened me when He came to my life but not so I can deny Him and go back to “EGYPT”. He set me loose so that I will be tightly fastened to Him alone.

Sure, I’m free in Jesus. Free to do what? To be Christ’s slave with total freedom from the bondage and power of sin!

“Let my people go, so that they may worship me.” Exodus 8:1b

I’m free to worship Him, not to go around and make or hear jokes about Him. Sorry, I’m uptight in that. I’m not free in that regard.

No, I can’t loosen up, my dear, because He tightly fastened me with the chain of His love! That chain takes away from me the desire to laugh at the joke that stands against my LORD and Savior.

How can people see that I’m free to be Christ’s slave? Not when I laugh at the joke that discredits my faith; not because I go to church and sing worship songs or stand behind the pulpit and teach. People see that I’m Christ’s slave only when they see me loving others! No other way! Yes, I’m loosened to love God and others. I’m free, Beloved, to do that alone because that is the only way I can worship my LORD. I’m loosed and freed TO LOVE! AND I TAKE THAT TOO SERIOUSLY! ///