Live on Skype!

I will be on Skype live for the next one and half hour (it is now 1pm EST and I will be on until 2:45pm EST). If you have a question or want somebody to pray with you or want to discuss something that bothers you, call me on the Appeal for Purity counseling Skype account: appealforpurity
I only accept a video call.
Remember this account is not a personal account; means, you don’t need to send in a friend request and you don’t get any reply if you send a message or call outside this time frame. If the line is busy, try back after few minutes.
If you have fast Internet speed and can speak Amharic or English, you can call me.  
I’m in my kitchen, drinking my hot tea.
Looking forward to speaking with you! ///

Don’t Beat Your Own Drum

“When you preach, preach the word of God so you won’t beat your own drum. The power of God is neither in our preaching nor in our method of preaching but in the power of God; and the word of God is where God has invested His supernatural power.”  – R. C. Sproul, Jan 2017 Q&A session
Wow! This is radical! 
No! Let me take that back. This is too biblical!
When we beat our drums, we only give birth to good dancers, not disciples of Christ.
Notice some of the identifying characters of disciples of Jesus Christ:

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