Is This A Sin?

I sometimes receive these kinds of questions:
“So, if my boyfriend and I don’t have sex but sleep together, is this a sin? If so, can you give me a Bible verse that forbids us not to sleep together?”
“Where in the Bible does it say, “Do not kiss your girlfriend”?”
“Can you give me all the Bible verses where the word of God forbids a couple to live together before marriage?”

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Where Can I Go From Your Spirit?

A4P Guest: “Hi Missy, I am 24 years old. My husband and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary last month. We both are Christians and we love each other. We came to the marriage not having any sexual relationship with anyone. We both grew up in church. I always enjoy being intimate with my husband but when it comes to actually doing “it”, for some reason, I lose interest. This was the case with me for the first seven or eight months of our marriage.

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It Was A Wonderful Celebration!

I couldn’t cancel my appointment this morning I made with my hair dresser a couple days ago; so I went there thinking that I would attend the funeral service using my phone. Well, the thing is there were at least 15 women in that hair salon. So, I said to myself, “It is okay. The service is going to be recorded and archived on the RZIM website as well as Facebook page. So, I may as well watch it later. I can’t watch a funeral service in a hair salon.”

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If You Live In Houston, TX,

you have a life-time opportunity of taking part in this historical service, a memorial service to Dr. Nabeel Qureshi.
If you don’t live in Houston, TX like me, you can take part in the program via the live stream on the RZIM Facebook page ( or webpage ( that is going to start at 10:00am CDT (11:00am EST).
I am extremely sad today but I know the Holy Spirit will comfort me as He always does and all the people who are saddened by Nabeel’s departure. Yes, Nabeel is at a better place now but his absence from this planet is very much felt among the Christian community, especially among the new generation because Nabeel had a way to speak to their hearts as well as their minds.
May God comfort Nabeel’s family, especially his wedded wife!
Nabeel was a one-woman-man! No woman dares to say that she had known Nabeel but his wife. What a noble young man! What a fine, godly and spiritual young man! What a God-fearing and God-honoring human being! ///

I Need To Take My Time

A4P Guest: “I am 37 years old and I am single. I met this man in my work place. He is married but his wife is not the kind of woman that he wants to stay married to. He wouldn’t go home if it wasn’t for his two kids. I happened to know about him accidentally and I felt sorry for him. So, one day, while I was eating my lunch (I always pack my lunch to work), he said, “Smells good! It must be one those tasty Ethiopian dishes?” I smiled and invited him to join me.

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