“- – – their decision to make me a pastor”

A4P Guest: I’m a second year university student. I grew up in a Christian home and I don’t remember when and how I came to believe in Christ. I guess when I opened my eyes, I found a life that was in Christ and I followed it. So, I believe in Jesus and I love Jesus. I’m always involved in my church ministry. I began singing in the children’s choir as a seven year old boy and now, I’m going to be ordained as a pastor for the whole children and youth ministry of our church. But the problem is I have this secret life that nobody knows about. I’m in a serious porn addiction. Porn has been consuming and taking over my life since I was 16. I have no other problem in my life but this one thing that has claimed my whole life. I am constantly thinking about it, being too obsessed with it the whole day and night. I cried and cried before God many times. I fasted many times and at one time I fasted for a month with water and dry bread. I was free from it for another month but I went right back to it. In the contrary, you have no idea how many people come to me and tell me how God blessed them through my teachings and songs (I sometimes sing and lead worship too). When I stand behind the pulpit, I come alive and preach the Word with boldness and conviction. But that conviction is short lived. Now, the minsters of my church called me the other day and told me that they decided to ordain me as a pastor because they trusted me. May I accept their decision to make me a pastor? What should I do?

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