“My Wife is Stubborn Beyond Measure”

A4P Guest: I’m 37 years old. I got married a couple years ago. My wife is pretty and has lots of good qualities such as she is a very hard worker, she keeps her home in order and she goes to school part-time and she always gets good grades; but she has this problem: She is very stubborn. If she says something, I have to agree with her or take a hike. She doesn’t change her mind whether the issue is a minor or a major one. Early on in our marriage, it didn’t bother me that much but now, the baby being on the way; it is bothering me a lot. Missy, we are pretty much fighting and arguing about everything. She made my life very difficult. What should I do?

A4P: Was she stubborn when you guys were dating?

A4P Guest: Yes, she was. Even for our wedding ceremony, she was the only one who decided where to do the wedding, who to invite and not to invite. I had no say in anything. It is just impossible to make her change her mind. Missy, my wife’s stubborn beyond measure.

A4P: So, it is not something that all of a sudden appeared in your marriage after two years of marriage, am I right?

A4P Guest: Correct.

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God’s Genius Moral Code

“The genius of God’s moral code is that everything He requires of us is for our own good. When we violate His code of life, we suffer harmful consequences. Anything less than obedience to God is not only disappointing to Him – it is self-destructive.” ~Walk Thru the Bible

Hmm! Self-destructive. ///