If Your Wife Says This – – –

If a Woman says First of all_n

Someone dropped this poster in my inbox and I laughed very hard. Why? It has some truth.

When an argument or a conflict erupts between a husband and a wife, I believe a man has to be very wise from which side he has to present his case.

Most of us women are very good at remembering events that happened ten or twenty five years ago; but not our husbands. We can remember because we tend to “tag” every event with emotion; which is a big help for our brain to retrieve past stories quickly and very easily. Our men, on the other hand, usually don’t tag events with “Oh, my! I love that!” Or “Aww! That is awesome!” Or, “My! That deeply hurt my feeling and I don’t think I will ever forget it” kind of emotion. So, it is easy for them to forget it.

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Marriage Counseling on Skype

I don’t know how many of you know this but I do “marriage counseling” on Skype. I began giving this service a couple years ago and it’s been working perfectly for me and the people I serve. This service is only available to those who live in America, Europe and Australia because there is fee for the service and the payment can only be processed online through the PayPal mobile pay service. Here are the two letters from the people I counseled recently and in the process of counseling:
From Denver, Colorado
“We were so blessed to have Skype counseling with Dr. Missy. First, it was in the convenience of our home & we didn’t have to go anywhere. The Skype counseling was as if we were in one room with her. For someone, like my husband, who was hesitant to seek counseling, Skype counseling was the best choice for us.

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