“In fourth grade – – – I was raped by several men”

Sometimes when we see someone acting out sexually in the most heinous way possible, it is good to ask, “What must have happened to this person for him/her to embrace this kind of lifestyle?”
This young man was beyond anybody’s reach; but compassionate people, people who have tasted and seen the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ and the power of the Blood of Jesus; people who themselves had led sinful lifestyles but were salvaged by the grace of God, were able to reach out to him. They were able to see this wounded person beyond his lifestyle through the love of Jesus Christ they themselves have experienced in their lives.

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The Song that Touched my Heart

Oh, how I love this song. I love it because I see Christ all over it; I see the grace and mercy of God that is revealed on the Cross of Jesus Christ; a merciful God we all need in everyday of our lives.
Isn’t what the Gospel is all about!
Yes, I was touched to the core of my being by this video the night I saw it; and every time I see it, I can’t resist the urge to love and worship Jesus Christ in whom I live, move and have my being.
Thank you Pastor Tekeste Getnet.

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