❤️💕💗 Hooray!

I am still in my bed🙈! 

Excited to go downstairs 💗❤️💕😍😘 and find all my balloons and dark chocolates! 

You know what I’m thinking now: what if my hubby forgets? 

😡, if he does, you will hear soon what happens next 🤯☹️😩 no he won’t forget! 

Well, in the meantime, let me say Happy Valentine’s Day! 

For those who don’t like this Valentines thingy, happy Thursday! 

For those who have questions for me why I celebrate this day, please click the following link and read: 

“Evangelical TV Program on Valentine’s Day”

Have a blessed day! 

Yes, whatever you do, do it with charity! ///

“You Have To Stop It”

The Bible says, “Whatever is not from faith is sin” (Romans 14:23b).
And we all know that fear is not from faith. Fear and faith, both of them cannot reside in the same heart. One has to leave.
When we fear, many people try to comfort us by saying, “Do you know that there are 365 ‘Do not fear’ verses in the Bible? That means, we have one ‘do not fear’ for each day for the whole year.”
Hmm! I wish it was that easy.

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Purity for the brave hearted!