Is Falling in Love the Only Reason to Marry?

Falling in love is a precious experience set aside only to human beings. Animals don’t have any clue about falling in love since all they are expected to do is when they have the urge to have sex; they do it anywhere, with anyone, whenever they want to. That is one of the significant differences between animals and humans, humans who are created in the image of God.

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A Young Man’s Testimony which Melted My Heart!

It was a very gradual process for me to come in contact with pornography. I was a very sexually curious kid long before porn.

Since the age of 10 or so, I used to have sexual talks with older friends and other guys. But I discovered about masturbation by myself and I used to do it alone or with a friend around the age of 12-13.

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The Most Depressing Reason to Get Married

The most depressing, frustrating and disappointing reason to marry is to have sex. Do you know why? Well, let me give one analogy to make my point clear:

Let’s assume that a married couple has sexual intimacy three times a week. (I’m not suggesting that having sex three times a week is the norm or anything. It can be a norm for some and for some, three times a week may feel like a fasting season).

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Your Life Testimonies warmed my soul!

Thank you so much for all of you who stopped by at my inbox to let me know how much A4P benefited you in many ways and levels! I thank God for it! And may all the glory and praise be to Jesus Christ!

Yes, it feels really good to hear from you guys because sometimes I feel like nobody is out there to hear me. Yes, as it is with every Facebook page owner, it is good to see lots of “Likes” on a post but for me personally, I want to hear from the hearts of people who are reading my messages. And today, you all let me hear from your heart. So, thank you so much guys!

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Friday, Oct. 31, 2014

As you all may know, Appeal for Purity is going to celebrate its one year anniversary on October 31, 2014 which is going to be this coming Friday.

So, if you want to see Appeal for Purity on Facebook for the coming year, what will be your reason? Do you want the page to stay? If you do, let me know.

If you benefit from this page and ministry in any way, tell me how. Drop me your message in my inbox. ( and let me know this page benefits you in any way.

I specially want to hear from those of you I have never heard before.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you! Yes, literally from all of you.
In Him, Missy.

The Two Most Pivotal Moments of My Teen Years

One of the two most pivotal moments of my teen years occurred when I was in elementary school. I was twelve years old. In the middle of our recess time, one of my friends who was a boy, came running towards me, away from his friends. He wanted to show me the magazine that he was holding but one of his friends was fighting to take it from him. I didn’t know what the magazine was all about but I wanted to see it. So, I joined the fight to get the magazine and I took it from his hand and randomly flipped the pages.

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Purity for the brave hearted!