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Good morning to you all!

I know it’s been long time since I said this but hey, today is the day!

If you have any question you want to ask me or you have something to share with me, go ahead and inbox me with your messages. I just received a beautiful message from one of my strong supporters letting me know about one minister I need to listen to since he/she is teaching in the same area as I’m. I love it! You see, even if I live on the land of treasure, I won’t be able to know everything out there. So, if you have a ministry you want to tell me about or a book you suggest that I read, let me know. Of course, if you also have those crazy questions, such as, “Why are you in this ministry?”, let me know. I guess that is the question I am still searching an answer for, lol.

So, I will be on Facebook for the next three hours. Yes, my kids are out from school (summer vacation) and they are not morning people. Yeah, the Bankos are strangers for sunrise unless there is school and work. Well, I wonder where I came from.

Anyways, until my house turns into a public arena, I can hang out with you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

In Christ Jesus, Missy. ///

Struggle to Get Over Withdrawal Effect

A4P Guest: “After reading some of your articles, I got convicted of flirting with men around me. I’m one of the worship leaders in my church. I used to like to wear tight pants and/or short dresses. I was enjoying the attention the men were giving me. A couple weeks ago, I decided to buy a dress which is neither tight nor short but still cute. I wore to the next church program. I was actually leading the worship that day. For some reason, I felt clean standing before the people of God, consciously dressing up in a non-seductive way, if you know what I mean. I loved the feeling I had but when the program was over, I had some kind of “withdrawal” feeling, lol, from missing all the attention those men used to give me. I knew I did the right thing but not receiving that “addictive attention” from the men made me kind of feel down. Believe me I will continue dressing up honorably even if I still have temptation to wear those seductive dresses, but let me ask you: When do you think I will get over this withdrawal feeling?” Continue reading Struggle to Get Over Withdrawal Effect

“- – – Hold On to My Sexual Desire Until I Get Married?”

A4P Guest: “I’m sixteen years old. I don’t have a girlfriend and I don’t think it is the right time for me to have one. But I have this strong sexual desire which drives me nuts. It makes me do things I don’t want to do. I believe in God and I am active in my church. I also have good friends I can talk to and all of them have similar struggles. My whole family members are believers. I know nothing about this world. I grew up in the church, I love God and the people of God, and I know God has a purpose and plan for my life. But these days, I doubt the goodness of God in my life. If God is good to me, why didn’t He hold on to my sexual desire until I get married? Missy, I don’t want to sin against God. I hate what I’m doing with myself. I hate myself and I sometimes want to end it all. I always remember my classmate who committed suicide last year. I wonder if he was in a similar situation as me. Would you say that God is good for me in this? If He is, why am I going through this? I hate it! I hate myself! Please help me.” Continue reading “- – – Hold On to My Sexual Desire Until I Get Married?”

The Three Wonderful Characteristics of a Real Man

A4P Guest: “Missy, if you were single today, what would be the first three main characteristics you would be looking in a man?”

A4P: I love this question! Do you know why?

Well, I think I already told you this but one of the things I was looking in a man when I was single, young and “st- -d” was “six-pack” abs, lol. I know that is messed up! Continue reading The Three Wonderful Characteristics of a Real Man

“Waiting on God to bring me a wife”

A4P Guest: “I’m a 34-year-old single man. I strive to be sexually pure. I have male friends with whom I pray and discuss personal issues, including our sexual struggles. But I have a question for you. I’ve been praying for God to give me a wife but God is not answering my prayer. I’m not in any addiction or sinful lifestyle. Why do you think that God is not answering my prayer?”

A4P: Kudos to you for keeping yourself away from a sexually immoral lifestyle! Continue reading “Waiting on God to bring me a wife”

Name Changed?

Most of you by now know what my “nickname” used to be, don’t you?
Well, let me refresh your memory. My nickname used to be a moth. In Amharic, the direct translation is: “Dinner of Fire.” (By the way, this is one of the zillion nicknames I’ve earned for myself so far.)

After I learned the English name of “Dinner of Fire”, I began reading about moths. Let me share with you some of the things I learned. Continue reading Name Changed?

Thank you and New Project

The number of likes I’ve been waiting for!

2000! Well, to be exact, 2002!

May all the glory, praise and honor be to Jesus Christ who makes an extraordinary work through not ordinary person but less than an ordinary person like me! I praise Him forever! I’m nothing without Him!

God gave me people like you guys who relentlessly support and encourage me. Your support and encouragement motivates me never to quit even when the tide is lowest! Thank you so much guys! I wish I could start mentioning each one of my strong supporter’s name so that I will be satisfied but you are many. May the LORD bless you guys for helping me stay on Facebook and widen this ministry. I love you guys! May the LORD keep you in His blessing and grace!

And may the LORD help me to continue to minister to you faithfully without watering down the Truth of God!

Well, the more you drop your comments on the post and share the A4P post, A4P is able to reach as many people as it otherwise won’t be able to. Only last week, the message of A4P was delivered for more than 11 thousands of people across the globe (according to the weekly report on the page from Facebook).

What else do I need? Nothing! God asks us to proclaim it as it is and I strive to do just that. The changing and renewing of life is His and from all the beautiful life stories and testimonies I hear almost every day, I know that my labor is not in vain. What a joy to be a co-laborer with Jesus Christ!

So, today is the first day I will launch a brand new project. I will drop a video clip on A4P Facebook page and twitter. Today’s clip is just the intro and from today’s on, I will drop one clip with a message or two, as often as I possibly can. As always, I depend on you to spread it across the globe. Will you help me? Will you support me?

Thank you and God bless you!

In Christ, Missy.

Letting them Go!

I enjoy being a mother. I enjoy our kids very much. And to tell you the truth, the Bankos are very funny and “goofy” kids who make your darkest days bright.

My Berhan and I tend to call them “three nations” because we believe, that is how God sees them as. We have two teens (15 and 13) and one 11 years old.

Believe me; both our teens are very excited to be teenagers and soon going to be adults. They talk a lot about it and they count how many years they have left to be eighteen. Well, we don’t usually pay attention to that as long as we have them until they turn eighteen, if you know what I mean.

Our little one, on the other hand, is the one from three of them who didn’t actually enjoy growing up that much. He is very attached to me since day one.

The first time he saw gray hair on my head, his world crashed into smaller pieces. When I went to pray for him at his bedside at night, he said, “Mom, are you going to die?”

Okay, what would be your answer for that? For a second, I thought God was speaking to me to get ready to depart from this life but I said, smiling, “What? What do you mean?”

He said, with his both eyes filled with tears, “You have gray hair and you are getting very old. Do you think you will die of old age before I grow up?”

I laughed and I said, “Are you serious? Most people have gray hair and they live with gray hair for fifty or sixty years. So, don’t worry. Your Mama has at least another sixty or seventy years. So, unless you are not tired of me, I think I am going to stick around for a while.”
He smiled as if God was promising to me to keep his Mama around longer than he asked for. He said, “I don’t want you to die. I want you

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to live forever.” He hugged me tight and bowed down to pray with me.

He is very attached with me. Until he turned nine, the one thing he didn’t like was the fact that he was not allowed to sleep with his Mama every night. It was not a one day or a one year issue for him but everyday issue. Whenever it gets dark, he always asks one question, “So, mom, why is Dad allowed to sleep with you every night but not me? Is he your favorite?”

I know, that is a very tricky question to find a good answer for. And to tell you the truth, there was no right answer which gave him comfort not to ask that same question again.

So, last year, when he was ten, we went somewhere for a summer vacation and we rented two hotel rooms. We used to rent one of those hotel rooms which look like one bedroom apartment but this time, we decided to rent two separate hotel bedrooms and I was not sure how my little one reacted to that decision.

So, we went there and he was okay of checking out both rooms and he was okay for saying good night to both of us the first night. And the next day, after lunch, we stayed on the table as we said bye to them. My little one, stayed behind and said, “Mom, we are done with lunch. Get up and let’s go.”

His sister said, “Dude, they want to be alone. Remember?”

I wonder what she wanted him to remember. But anyways, I said to him, stroking his hair, “You guys can go, swim and have a good time together. Your dad and I wanted to be alone for the rest of the day.”
He looked at me as if to say, “I know you two want to be alone and it is okay with me.”

He kissed me and said, “Good-day” and disappeared from my eyes.
I couldn’t continue with my Berhan. I felt like my son deserted me. I felt like my son didn’t want me anymore. My Berhan knows me very well. So he said, “He grew up, didn’t he?”

I said, “Yeah, I guess.”

I am happy that at last testosterone kicked in and encouraged him to separate from Mama Bear but Mama Bear was not ready to say “Good bye”.

I felt like crying but “Silly me” I said to myself and smiled. Berhan, as if he heard what I said, he said, “Were you planning to raise him and marry him. Let the man go.”

I said, “I wish!” And we laughed.

I carried this little boy in my womb for nine months. I raised him up telling him stories like how David killed Goliath; or how Daniel came out alive from the lion’s den.

He used to have a fight with his dad so that he would sit next to me wherever we go. He used to kiss me on my lips just so that he would give me the same treatment as his dad to win my heart. He used to do something and turned to me and asked, “Did you see that Mom?”
But now, he turned around and said, “Good day Mom” and he ran to his hotel room; leaving his Mama with Papa Bear with whom he used to fight to win his Mama’s attention.

Now he grew up. He is eleven. He doesn’t ask those questions such as, “When is my turn to sleep with you?”

Yes, the order of things must be as God set it up. For me to mother my son, for my son to love and treasure me as a mother but when it is time for him to leave me, he won’t turn around. That is how it should be.

But you know one thing that makes a lot of sense to me these days?
Well, the fact that I have my Berhan and my Berhan has me! We have one another. Yes, our kids are with us for a very short period of time and just as we left our parents behind to lead our own lives, our kids at one point, have to say “So long!” to us to do life without us.
So, I am more treasuring and appreciating my relationship with my Berhan than with my kids. Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids more than words can express but when everything is said and done, my Berhan is the one who is going to remain with me when three of them start their own life journey.

So, my message for today is this: If you are married, make sure you make your spouse a number person you give your first priority to; not your kids. Love your kids but always remember this: Your kids will leave you because they are someone else’s spouse. The one who is going to remain with you after your kids leave you behind is your spouse. So, invest on your spouse today so that those “empty nest” years will be enjoyable ones. That is what I always remind myself these days. ///