My Childhood Treasured Memory

If you ask me to tell you one of the fondest memories of my childhood, I will say, my breakfast “homemade” bread, exactly the one you see on the picture.

Oh, my! I love this bread (too bad I can’t eat it now since my intestine does not digest gluten anymore😞🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️).
When I found this picture on Facebook, I thought I found the bread itself. You have no idea how excited and happy I was. I have to frame it and hang it on my living room wall. I am serious. I love this bread! But I think my breakfast bread was a bit thicker than this but it looks exactly the same.
Good old days! I wish there were smart phones. I could have taken many pictures of my favorite breakfast bread.
Precious, precious memory!
By the way, I have never seen this bread after I left my country, Ethiopia (100 years ago). I think most people are now buying bread in Ethiopia. I wonder why. ///