A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

It’s so sad to hear and see people still dying in Ethiopia for reasons that make absolutely no sense.

Someone shared with me the above picture that was attached with an article. I read the article but I couldn’t stop staring at the picture.
A little boy who is going to school. But look at the boy’s face closely. Doesn’t he look like he is thinking and analyzing the situation?
So, I asked myself: What could be going on in his mind at this very moment?
Maybe, “I hope my mom packed me my favorite lunch.”
No! This little boy is not privileged to think like his age. He is walking to school through the rabbles and he somehow has some understandings of what was going on in his neighborhood.
So, he may present his prayers to God in his mind saying:
“Father, please help me to grow up and fight for peace in a peaceful way, around the table, fight with better ideas and reasons, not with guns, rocks and sticks.”
Yes, he is very young but he cannot think like a little boy because of what he’s been through.
Oh, Father, please give peace to Ethiopia so millions of little kids, like this little boy, will grow up and continue rebuilding our beautiful country, Ethiopia, for Your glory and praise.
Oh, Abba, please protect our Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali. Please continue giving him wisdom and understanding as he leads 100 million “different” people. ///