Keep Your Wedding Ring

Why do some married women take off their wedding rings whenever they have a fight with their husbands?

You know, I really don’t have any clue.

With all the innocence and ignorance about marriage that I bought with myself into my marriage, the one silly mistake I am not guilty of so far is taking off my wedding bands.

Well, not so fast!

I guess I can’t take full credit for it because I mean, I might not have taken off my ring but I might have thought of selling it and buying a nice perfume for myself or something.

I mean, that is even worse, isn’t it? So, no, I don’t take any credit for it. I am as guilty as I can be.

Yeah, we women are sometimes crazy and we do crazy stuff, not considering the consequences of our actions.

But from all the craziest things we do, taking off our rings (or thinking about selling it) is something we need stay away from.


Well, wedding ring is a sign of the vow we primarily made with God saying, “I will stay in this marriage until death do us part, so help me God.” And the ring is also a sign of the vow we made with our husbands. This is true to the man as well, but today, I am focusing on us, wives.

For a follower of Jesus Christ, making a vow with a mere human being comes after a vow we make to God. This should be true of all our dealings.

How much more will this be true of our marriages!

Yes, we make vows with God and the person we marry. And the sign of our vows is our wedding bands we wear in our ring finger. This ring is then a sacred sign. What makes it sacred? Our understanding and faith in the truth of God.

And taking off our wedding rings does absolutely nothing when it comes to our marriages except bringing more problems and conflicts.

I asked one young wife why she took off her wedding ring and this is what she said: “The way he treats me is not right. So whenever I see the ring, I feel like he is with me. So, I take it off.”

“Did you solve anything by doing that?” was my follow-up question and this was her immediate answer: “I get eve with him. He gets really upset whenever he sees me without my ring.”

“And, what would that bring into your marriage? Solution? Love? Intimacy? Peace? Joy? What?”

She bowed down and didn’t say a word.

Yeah, it is good to ask ourselves why we do what we do especially in our marriages. After all, whenever we are in our right minds, we all want to stay in our marriages. If so, we have to always work towards that goal, not only to stay married but to also keep on building and strengthening our marriages, not to tear them down.

The Bible says, “A wise woman strengthens her family, but a foolish woman destroys hers by what she does.” Proverbs 14:1 NCV

So, here is my advice to a wife: Taking off your wedding bands is the one sure way you start destroying your marriage.

If this is your habit, stop it! Instead, as a wise woman, sit and talk with your husband like adults do whenever you have conflict. Try to sort things out with him. Working through your marital problems is the best way that you can strengthen your marriage. If you always let your emotion take the upper hand, you may find yourself in the dark with the ashes of your home. So, be wise! No matter what, keep your wedding bands on your finger all the time and upset the devil and this dark world declaring, “I don’t quit on my marriage! God is my Helper. He will help me build and strengthen my home!”///