From Neck Up

This week, on Wednesday night, I had one virtual meeting with the board members of a non-profit clinic, called  Wholistic Health Services, that is located here in Virginia (4395 Little River TurnPike, phone number: 571-282-3636). This non-profit clinic serves Ethiopians and Eritreans who have no health insurance and/or have low income.  

I will talk more about this particular non-profit clinic in the near future but for now, I want to bring up to your attention one issue that is really concerning us all who work with Ethiopians and Eritreans in the DMV area.
As you all know, summer season is dismissing itself out without giving us any heads up and the fall season is ushering itself in with cold and chilly weather. Unfortunately, cold seasons, fall and winter, can take a toll on most people’s mental and emotional well-being.
So, if you live around the DMV area, (DC, Maryland and VA) and suffer from any form of emotional and mental disturbances during this season, please seek help. If you don’t have health insurance, Wholistic Health Service is for you. It is a non-profit clinic and you can receive treatment by professional doctors and nurses for no cost and/or at a minimum fee.
I was told in the meeting that just within the past 10 days, four people lost their lives (plus one fatal causality yesterday) because of reasons that could have been prevented.
So, please guys, if you live in the DMV area, this message is for you and for all your contacts in this area. If you don’t live around the DMV area but know someone who does, please forward this post to them. Please let’s help each other. Some people don’t seek help because they think that their problem is from the devil and they just sit home and rebuke the devil but guys, yes, demons are real and Satan is real but if we attribute all our sicknesses from neck down to natural causes and seek help for them but make all our problems from the neck up to the demons, we hurt ourselves and others.
Yes, rebuke the devil but at the same time, seek help!
Emotional and mental ailments are becoming endemic among us, Ethiopians and Eritreans, and many are suffering alone and some because they are not getting treatments that they hurt others. The stigma that is attached to mental and emotional ailments is a tough one to break through especially in our community.
Very, very sad reality! ///