Enjoy This Moment!

In the picture I am sharing with you, it is me, Missy, and my older son, Abel! I think he was like two or three months old at a time (almost 21 years ago).

I looked at this picture after a very long time. So, when I found it, I stared at it and wondered: What was I thinking? What was in my mind at this very moment?
Was it something like:
“Oh, I am tired of changing diapers! When is this little boy going to grow and be independent?” Or,
“I can’t believe that I am a mother now and I can’t go anywhere as I used. I am stuck in the house?” Or,
“How can I pursue all my dreams while this little one is in my life now?”
Hmm! I don’t know, but I know for sure that I was not thinking like this: “Missy, enjoy this moment while it lasts because this moment is not here to stay.”
Oh, no! I didn’t have that kind of wisdom.
The Bible says, “He [God] has made everything beautiful in its time.” Ecclesiastes 3:11a
Yeh, there is a time to have children, a time to raise them and a time to send them to college. God has made everything beautiful in its “time.”
So, this is my message for today: My friend, whether you are a mother of little kids, or going to school and stressing over due dates, or you are just chilling, dating someone and contemplating the idea of marriage, or you are married and trying to get pregnant or set your wedding date and running around to make sure that everything is in place, or you are about to give birth to your first child, or in whatever season of life you are in, let me tell you something:
Everything has its own allotted fixed time. You cannot be pregnant all the time; or have a wedding every day, or go to school forever, or raise little toddlers for 50 years. Everything has its time.
In whatever season of life you are in though, do everything you can to enjoy it because it is a season of life that God had ordained in your life to be beautiful.
Ah! I wish someone had told me this while I was carrying my little one on my shoulder. But hey, I don’t feel sad because I am very happy for sharing this with you today. I want to be that voice in your life to remind you that everything is beautiful in its own time and enjoy every season of your life while it lasts because no season of life is here to stay. ///