To All Ethiopians!

You know, I personally believe that it is the right of a person to be a heterosexual or a homosexual or anything for that matter.
I have a commandment of God that says, Mind your own business! (1 Thessalonians 4:11)

So, as much as possible, I want to mind my own business in life. It is not my business to talk about anybody’s sexual orientation or preference. It is their business and I don’t want to stick my nose into their business
HOWEVER, it is my VERY business when they DEMAND that I celebrate their homosexual lifestyle. That is a bit too much and I can’t be silent because it threatens my personal right and freedom.
What am I talking about?
Some homosexual people from here America are planning to travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopian and make a scene in Ethiopia in the name of “Let’s visit Ethiopia.”
Are they welcomed?
No! They are not and this video is a call from one of the largest belief systems in Ethiopia, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido, calling the Government of Ethiopia and all Ethiopians to speak against this group. 
Please share this video with all your contacts! This is crazy and absurd! 

It is crazy and absurd because how does this group of people dare to want to go to the most religious country of all, Ethiopia, to introduce a lifestyle that is considered as an abomination to God almost in all religions, Christian as well as Muslim? Ethiopia is not America. Is it hard to see that?

They already did enough damage to almost all universities and colleges in Ethiopia just using social media. Now they actually want to go and “visit” Ethiopia🤔.

“Outrageous”is the least I can say. ///