Many Marriages Fail Too Soon! But Why?

It is very sad to see marriages falling apart too soon, like in the first two years of marriage.
But why? Who do married couples decide to get a divorce before they even celebrate their second year anniversary?
Many reasons and here are some of them:

1. They both forgot that they married a sinner, not a saint;
2. They quietly put God and the word of God in the back burner and they both sat at the driver seat of their marriage;
3. The wife was expecting her husband to lead her spiritually, then to her nightmare, she found out that he doesn’t even pray daily;
4. The husband was expecting to have sex whenever he wanted, however he wanted to. He didn’t prepare himself how to live “with a woman;”
5. She concluded that her man was unique and different from all the men she saw in her church. She thought, “He doesn’t even look at another woman. He just stares at me all the time.” And to her nightmare, her husband ain’t different from other men and that he desperately needed her prayers and spiritual support. She didn’t prepare herself how to live “with a man” 24/7, under the same roof. So, she says to herself, “I didn’t sign up for this,” and she runs away thinking that there is another, better man out there who doesn’t need her help, forgetting what the word of God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Genesis 2:18 – she thought this verse was referring to those men who are really weak and need help, not to her husband.
6. He was expecting to bring his parents over to his house and live with them. He thought his wife was so nice, kind and spiritual enough to let his parents live with them.
I mean, do you want me to continue with the list?
I don’t think so because the list can go on for eternity. But here is the conclusion:
Many young couples come into the marriage expecting too much with little or no preparation.
So, this is my message for today: My Dearest, if you are preparing yourself for your wedding but not for your marriage, you are actually preparing yourself for a divorce.
And don’t play the usual game that most soon-to-be married Christian couples are playing: “We are reading marriage books together and we are preparing ourselves for the marriage.”
That is like saying, “We are making love and preparing ourselves to love each other more in the future.” Simply put, it doesn’t work. (Make sure you take a note of my analogy)
You two have to go and learn from other older and married people. Since you both don’t know anything about marriage, don’t try to prepare each other for the things you have no clue about. You need someone who knows about marriage. It is like going to school. For example, I didn’t go to pharmacy school to learn about medicine from my classmates but from different professors who had been in the field for so many years and know what they were talking about. ///