A Woman Pastor Refused to Step Down

Somebody’s shared this link with us today and I want to pass it along to you.

Of course the two babies who came as a result of fornication are not mistakes! And the woman is not the first one to sin against God sexually.

But, really? A “woman pastor” is trying to put “a strawberry icing” on the top of fornication and call it something else, like, “courage” or better yet, “faith” or the famous one, “grace in Christ”?
Good for her for letting her kids live! But what she is trying to do is a sheer tragedy.
The tragedy here is not that she had committed fornication; nor that she is pregnant with twins; but that she is trying to say what the Bible doesn’t say and silence anyone who speaks against her infamous act of disobeying to step down.
Oh, LORD, have mercy on us! ///