Do You Know This About Your Husband?

We women are more beautiful than men. No question about that. I mean, God made Adam from dirt and He made Eve, not from dirt, but from Adam. Don’t you love to read this story in the Bible? I do!
Well, that was one of my silly jokes. We all are made up of dirt; but the fact that we women are more beautiful than men is not a joke because we are. And it doesn’t matter how old we are, we love to hear about our beauty from others every day.

We dress up and stand in front of a mirror to make sure that we look good enough to hear from someone, “You look stunningly beautiful” kind of comment. We also post a picture of us on Facebook with a Bible verse not so much to encourage others with a verse but to show our beauty and receive nice comments. And we tend to love the person who is generous with those nice words.
Most of us women who are married, we crave to hear those nice words such as, “You look gorgeous” from our husbands. When our husbands, for example, notice our shape we are working hard to maintain and say, “Wow! Baby, you look good,” we feel like we’re married to the Prince of the Universe.
But have you ever noticed that men don’t usually receive such nice compliments from others? No, they don’t. For example, men don’t compliment another man as we women do. It is very unlikely to hear one man say this to another man, “Wow! This pair of pants looks good on you! Turn around and let me see your back. Wow! Where did you get them? How much did you get them for? Let me try them if they look good on me.”
Are you kidding? They don’t say that. This is one of those “unspoken rules” in a man’s world, never to speak to another man like this.
If men ever compliment a man, they usually do it jokingly, like, “Are you going to a wedding party or what?” Then they giggle about it and they move on to politics or sport.
If you are a wife of one man, listen to me carefully.
But do you know that most men, including married men, love to be complimented by others about their look? Yes, they do!
But, as I said, most of them rarely receive a compliment about their look from others. For example, your husband’s friends don’t compliment your husband, nor do his co-workers. That means, pretty much you are the ONLY ONE your husband has who can say to him, “Oh, Baby, you look HOT with this pair of pants?” (Yes, “Hot” and “Sexy” are the words appropriate to use in your marriage, with your ONLY sexual partner in the privacy of your home.)
So, compliment your husband as often as you can.
Just make sure that you compliment him genuinely and truthfully.
For example, if your husband doesn’t have a flat belly or six-pack abs (which most married men don’t have), don’t say anything about his abs. Just say, “This Christmas sweater looks good on you, Baby.” You don’t need to give any number to his abs. Remember, the last time your husband might have heard about his look might be when he was a two year old baby boy; but the thing most people don’t realize is that – that little boy who wanted to be appreciated, admired and complimented by others still lives inside a big man’s body. So, make sure you give that little boy recognition by complimenting your husband as often as you can. ///