“For My Wedding Day”

You have no idea how excited I’m to share this with you all, especially with those of you who can read and understand Amharic.
So, one very beautiful magazine called “Leserge Qen” (means, “For My Wedding Day”) featured one of my messages on their November edition.

So, I would like to say “Thank you” to Ephrem Kefle, the owner of this magazine, a handsome young man, a husband of one pretty young woman and a father of two nations (two children).
Ephrem, I appreciate you very much! The translation was done very well, by Amsale Tesfaye. Great job! I couldn’t stop reading it, seriously! You guys did a marvelous job! And thank you for introducing Appeal for Purity Ministries to all your audience.
When I met Ephrem in person, he’s shared with me his vision for “Leserge Qen” magazine and I was impressed!
You see, I always get encouraged and inspired by young men like Ephrem who do business in excellence, not only to make money from it but to benefit others in a very unique and creative way. I love it very much!
This magazine is free. You can get it here in America in Ethiopian restaurants, shops and groceries. Those of you who live in America, especially in the DMV area and have a plan to have a wedding or some kind of celebration, you need to get this magazine. You can find lots of vendors for all your needs, such as camera/video man, catering companies and more. And you can also find excellent articles by many authors, and the articles are all about relationship and marriage. This is their fifth issue; three of their first issues were released in Ethiopia.
With this post, I want to share with you the cover picture of this magazine as well as the first two pages of my message titled “Marriage is a place to redeem a generation” as it is translated by Amsale Tesfaye.
Beautiful! Everything is in Amharic, including the title! I love it very much!
There is also one beautiful article in this November issue by Deacon Daniel Kibret (the title is a bit hard to translate into English but it is a beautiful article.)
So, for the rest of the content, you may want to get the magazine; or call and ask Ephrem where to get the magazine in your area. Here is his phone number: 240 561 8737
Again, thank you very much Ephrem for featuring my message on “Leserge Qen” magazine. Bless you! ///
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