“You said to him, homosexuality is a sin”

A4P Guest: I’m a homosexual man.

A4P: Okay.

A4P Guest: What do you mean “Okay?”

A4P: “Okay” means, “I’m listening.”

A4P Guest: You didn’t say that to my friend “so and so” who’ve contacted you recently.

A4P: I don’t have a certain prescribed way of conversing with people. As we all have different looks, we have different life situations. Your friend had contacted me and his first statement was: “I have this unwanted and undesired same-sex attraction. Can you help me?” So, I took it from there.

A4P Guest: You said to him, homosexuality is a sin.

A4P: You are making a big mistake here. I didn’t say that. I said, “The Bible says homosexuality is a sin.”

A4P Guest: So, how come you are not saying that to me?

A4P: Why should I? You didn’t come to me asking me questions about homosexuality according to the Bible. You just stated the facts of your life and I listened. You didn’t come to me, like your friend, seeking help. Why do I say then to you what I’ve said to your friend?

You see, when I was young and single, I was expressing my sexuality in ways I wanted to. And whenever people come to me and speak against me and my lifestyle, I used to get really upset and disgusted of their obnoxious and uncalled for comments and suggestions. So, I used to stay from those kinds of people as far away as I possible could.

Then I found the truth in my heart and ran after it; sought help everywhere I thought I could find, asking people, “Can you help me find myself and my sexuality according to the Bible?” Then with the mercy and grace of God, I got help I was looking for and my soul found rest.

And that is what I strive to do in the Appeal for Purity Ministry; to help only those who come to me seeking help. I don’t go around and write a prescription for people.

If you are happy with the way you are and have peace with yourself and your sexual identity, who am I to say to you, “You are lying. You are not happy and you don’t have peace”?

I said what I said to your friend because he came to me seeking help to find himself and his sexuality according to the Bible. If you ever find yourself in the same situation like your friend, you know where to find me. I don’t have all the scientifically proven explanations and/or the historical findings to prove my point or belief. I only have my Bible. ///

P. S. A4P celebrates its three-year anniversary on Monday, October 31, 2016; and as part of the celebration, we will re-post some of the earlier posts for people who joined us recently will get a chance to read them. The above post is from 2015.