Very Interesting!

“I’ve been following you since the first day. I’m reading everything you are writing and posting on the page. I can’t tell you how much I learned within these few months. I was convicted of my sins multiple times and I also rejoiced many times with the Good News through Christ you tend to share on your writings.

But I’ve never pressed like nor dropped my comment because I did all the dating and marriage business wrong. So if I press like and drop those comments like “Amen”, I feel like I may look a hypocrite.

I also have Facebook friends who know me and my story very well and they will laugh at me if they see my activity coming on their news feed, saying, “so and so liked this”. But at the same time I feel guilty for not supporting you. What should I do?”

Hmm, lol, I love your question because it is a question of many, many people out there.

Beloved, I am not behind this ministry because I did all those things right; rather I did them all wrong. I’m not here so that I can proclaim what an honorable life I lived so that others will know and follow me.

Oh, Precious that is not the case. I’m here behind A4P so that people will know that there is a better alternative way to do life than the one the world and people of this world are offering to us.

You see, in my case, I had nobody to stop me to tell me all these things I’m writing and posting on the page. I had only one “information”, which was from this world and I followed it through FAITHFULLY! And I lost it all!

So what I’m trying to do with A4P is to be that voice; the voice I missed when I was a teenager so that someone out there may hear and do it all right so that they won’t miss any of God’s blessings.

Are there some people on Facebook, people who know me since I was a little girl? You better believe it but none so far came to me and said, “You hypocrite”! NONE! Rather, some said, “If you said this, then it must be true!”

Actually, to tell you the truth, I will now be called a HYPOCRITE, if I keep quiet and keep this Good News for myself! So, Beloved, I’m behind this ministry to declare the truth so that I won’t be a hypocrite!

Yes, I am here to tell those who didn’t start their journey of dating and marriage to know that there is a better way to do it all right. I’m here to tell them that there is a godly way to do dating and marriage according to the Word of God so that they will get blessed by all their choices.

I’m also here behind this ministry to tell others that the God of the Old Testament is also the God of the New Testament. He blesses lives beyond we can ever imagine, think, ask or measure but only if we choose life. I’m here behind this ministry, my friend, to tell others that there is what is called “death” while laughing, dressing up expensive clothes, driving luxurious car, looking good, having a perfect church attendance, dancing up and down in the church and listening and singing Gospel songs. Why that kind of death? Because of the consequence of sexual sin.

I’m also here to tell those who are like me, if they are still alive and well, that it is possible to do it all again after losing it all! Yes, that is also the Good News I won’t get tired of sharing and telling others!

Yes, I want to tell others who blew it all like me that they too can also be okay, all over again, and be put back together by Him as long as they hear and obey His Word that says, Go free but, “From now on SIN NO MORE!” (John 8)

Hmm, my friend, I’m also here behind Appeal for Purity to tell others about the truth of the beautiful sex which is only found in the marriage of one man and one woman. I want to tell others that sex is something God loves and honors; to tell them that sex is something God loves to bless us with; sex is something God kept in the marriage for our goodness; and I want to tell them that sexual pleasure the world has always been searching for is only found in the marriage of one man and one woman in the presence of the Holy God. Sex outside that is fire that kills us from the inside out.

I don’t think the list is done but I guess that is just a quick rundown of what I’m trying to do, lol.

So, my friend, do your part; glorify your LORD by declaring to the whole world that you are upholding the standard of sexual purity by standing up behind the message! Press it, like it, drop your “Amen’s” and share it with your contacts. Guess what! Declaring it like that also closes all the possible doors which may still be left open in your life, doors for you to sneak out to go to the world when the going gets tough, lol, if you know what I mean.

Scripture says this: “They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; – – -” (Revelation 12:11)

It also says, “I believed; therefore I have spoken.” (2 Corinthians 4:13)

Our language on Facebook world is pressing like and dropping comment to show what we truly believe in.

So, my friend, you are the one who needs to help me so that I can spread this beautiful Good News and the word will get out. I’m sure you have kids. Beloved, don’t ever think that you will end up marrying them. I thought that early on in my mothering process, lol. Oh, no, they will leave us behind and marry someone else. Don’t you think that then you and I need to join hands to redeem the land so that our kids will have “good ground” to build their marriage on? Oh, I believe so, my dear.

So, I owe you many, many likes and comments. So, get busy before I bring you to court! That is a joke BTW. ///