The Insanely Funny Question I’ve Received today

A4P Guest: Can masturbation lock one in singleness?

A4P: Hmm, let me paraphrase it so that it sounds right for me to address it right on.

“Can sexual immorality lock one in singleness?”

And the answer is: Yes, it can.

A4P Guest: Does that mean all married couples are married because they were free of sexual immorality?

A4P: Hmm, no, it doesn’t mean that. Nice try though, lol.

Sexual immorality or trying to fulfill our natural sexual desires outside of the marital bed can lock one in singleness. Being locked in singleness can be one of the consequences of one’s wrong sexual choices.

As you may know, consequences of our sinful choices are different. One is being killed like Samson, and the other one gets his son killed, like King David, or one gets locked in singleness or one will give birth to a child who can do little or nothing in this life. Hard to swallow but the fact. Some may give birth to twelve kids to later find out that none of them are in faith in Christ and none of their kids want to have anything to do with them. The possibilities are different and many.

People may get married while they are in the middle of sexual immorality. Then the very thing that should be a blessing, marriage, will start to be a curse for them as their sinful choices catch up with them and bring death to most of their blessings. Sexual immorality kills joy, peace, “good seed” (sperm or egg or fertilized egg), love, good opportunities, joy of their families, pleasure of sexual intimacy, and the list goes on and on.

But don’t forget this: what caused “the bad luck” in somebody’s life is not for us to judge or diagnose but for the person him/herself. Our part is to cry with them when they cry and pray for them when we see them hurt. That is all!

After all we live in a broken world and in a broken body. Life causalities, “not good” life circumstances are hard to avoid.

All I’m saying is this: Because of our sinful sexual choices and lifestyles, we bring to our lives some “curses” we can avoid. And these curses are not meant to be in our lives if we keep our lives away from sexual immoralities.

A4P Guest: Is there any hope for those who are married while they were in sexual immorality?

A4P: Are you serious? If there is hope for you and me today, there is hope for them and to anyone. Hope in Christ is always ups for grabs as long as there is air in our lungs and as long as we know that we only have today and NOW!

As long as they come clean with themselves saying that they sinned against God, and come clean with each other as a couple, come clean as they confess their sins to other Christian brothers and sisters and come clean with God as they tell Him their exact sin and become involved in the healing process to recover what they’ve lost, they sure will have hope of starting all over again and be blessed by God. They will be blessed with the second round blessing of God, by a God of second chance.

But just as a caution, sometimes, some of the things which have been killed because of our wrong and sinful sexual choices will remain as dead whether we confess our sin and forsake our sinful ways or not. The only thing we receive from God is going to be comfort. I know that can be painful and frustrating but sometimes that is our lot in this life. And God wants us to move on, leaving our dead behind, so that we can be ready and well equipped to receive the brand new blessing He has for us.

A4P Guest: I heard that you have one single brother. So, is he still single?

(I didn’t laugh the whole day until I’ve received this question in my inbox. This question really made my day!) ///