The most annoying things a husband does to his wife and the solutions

Talking on the phone with the person his wife is not getting along with; not only talking but laughing and enjoying the conversation while his wife sits next to him.

Irritating! Bro, why do you even answer the phone? Call them later when you are outside the house.

Telling his wife “to chill” while the house is a mess.

Bro, your wife can’t chill while her house is a mess. Instead, give her a hand to clean it up and she will teach you how to chill out!

Inviting his friends over for dinner when she is in her menstrual cycle.

Insane! Bro, she will destroy you and your friends. Just know her cycle. It is not the devil; it is just her cycle. Know how to live around it.

Trying to solve her problem when all she is asking is for him to lend her his listening ears.

Beloved, why do you choose the hardest over the easiest? It is very annoying for her when you tell her the solution. Just sympathize with her by saying things like, “Oh, I can’t just imagine how that can hurt you.”

Advancing for sex while she is not even done with her anger outburst.

Outrageous! Hey, give her time and space for her to cool down first.

Coming to bed late and waking his wife up from her deep sleep for sex.

Seriously? Hold on a second. Not only you wake her up but do you also want her to enjoy it? Inhuman! Find a way to go to bed with her because she needs her sleep too, just like you!

Giving her “not so good” comment about her outfit after they left the house.

Wake up, Bro, she can’t do anything about it once she left the house. Instead, give her only those romantic and loving comments, unless, of course, you want to have your nightmares to unfold before your very eyes.

Asking her what he did wrong!

This is absolutely insane! Bro, don’t invite her to a discussion over your wrong doings! Otherwise, she will list them all starting from your first honeymoon night to this day until you curse the day you open up your mouth. Do you know the best thing to say? “Baby, I’m so sorry. I’m just blessed to have a forgiving wife like you.” Yeah, Be smart!

Trying to solve a fight that erupts between his wife and his mother.

Hilarious! Bro, stay out of this. This war will never end. The best thing for you to do is to take your wife’s side and say, “I can’t believe my mom said that to you. Please forgive me for bringing you to this family.” SAY IT, you won’t die. Actually you will have a long life span and a peaceful marriage for the rest of your life.

Quoting a Bible verse to his wife regarding what a spiritual wife should be.

Bro, let me tell you something, quoting a Bible verse is equivalent to firing a gun at your wife and missing her. Think about it! You will be a dead meat when she comes back to you. Just shoot the gun at your heart and you shall have a loving and spiritually matured wife. ///

P. S. I will come back to this another time. For now, it is enough. “The most annoying things a wife does to her husband and the solutions” will sure come soon. Stay tuned!