Beyond the Fairytale

It would be an understatement if I say, “I’m excited”.

Didn’t I tell you all last time that the title, “Beautiful Cinderella” of my book didn’t pass the scrutiny of the editors? Well, here comes the new title they came up with, the one I literally, instantly fall in love with, the one I gave two thumbs up to:

“ Beyond the Fairytale,

with a subtitle:

“An Appeal for Sexual Purity.”

I really do love the people I work with to bring this project to completion. They are very humble people. They sent me a very humble, down to earth email, saying, “We want to make sure you feel comfortable with this new title for your book”.

Comfortable????? What are they talking about? I like it! I love it! I felt (I still feel) that the title came directly from God. I sincerely believe that.

So, the title of the book, we all are waiting for, is “Beyond the Fairytale”. And when you read the book, you will agree with me for saying “the title came directly from God”. I guarantee it.

By the way, do you notice the subtitle? “An Appeal for Sexual Purity” – It rhymes not only with the whole theme of the book but also with the heart of my ministry and with the whole existence of me as a person.

You know what I said to my LORD? I said, “LORD, I don’t know how many days I have left on this earth but this is how I want to spend the rest of my time: I want You to take every remaining ounce of my day up to a second and use it for Your agenda, glory and praise.”

And this book project, namely, CG-STAT, Chosen Girl’s for Such a Time As This, is everything I stand for; everything I gladly put my life to because I know that I know, it is the agenda of God. Because it is the agenda and heart of God, it is everything I am all about; it is everything Appeal for Purity ministry stands for!

The most exciting part of this beautiful project is this: God is relentlessly adding more beauty to it. He is hand picking people to work on this project.

I’m a very teeny-tiny person compare to what God is doing around me (I’m even scared to say “through me” because I only see His fingers and others, not mine).

Yes, I do believe that it is God who titled the book. Yes, I humbly and genuinely believe that it is God who called the book “Beyond the Fairytale” and the program “CG-STAT”.

Do I need your support and help during this time then? Oh, my friends, I do need them very much.

Well, before I tell you why I need your support and help, let me say this: This work of God can’t be stopped. Do you remember what Job said?

“I know that You can do all things, And that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.” Job 42:2

“Thwarted” means, stopped, prevented – Yes, no one can stop the work of God; no one can prevent the purpose of God from proceeding to the finishing line.

Why do I then need your support if I believe it is the Work of God and no one can stop it, whether I receive support or not? Why can’t I just wait on God and do everything with Him, ignoring all of you?

Oh, my friends, that is where the Truth is hiding! That is where the secret place of wisdom and knowledge is found. That is where most of us have been deceived for a long time. By what! By trying to do humongous work of God by ourselves.

You see, when we join hands with brothers and sisters and stand up in one accord, with one heart and mind for one common goal “to bring God’s will on earth”, our individual contribution will be very small. And when the work comes to an end, it only glorifies God who enables all of us to contribute in a small way. God will be the only One to take credit for the end result; the God who is the Author and Source of all good and perfect things.

I’m already seeing many people, getting involved in this project and my contribution is becoming smaller and smaller everyday. That is a sign that the glory and honor belong to Him alone!

Will you be the one to stand up with me so that Jesus will take all the glory? Will you be the one I can count on to swing the flag of sexual purity across the nation, across Facebook? Will you be willing to put a piece of rock, as your contribution, for the Work of God to come to a completion?

You see, when God finishes the work, using your piece of rock and my piece of rock, He will be the One to take all the glory and praise. You and I will be the ones to stand and look what God is able to bring beautiful thing out of small “tiny” pieces of rocks. We can’t take credit because the finished work is much bigger than our tiny rocks. We just put our hands on our mouth and be amazed by Him.

Will you be the one I can call as a friend to join me to contribute your piece of rock so that Jesus will be glorified in our times?

Let me show you how to contribute your piece of rock. Before I do that, let me bring something to your attention. You may very well know this but it won’t hurt if I remind you of it again.

When you press “Like” on a post, on a picture of your friend or Albert Einstein’s sayings or what have you, you give that post power (or I will say, “a visa”) to go to hundreds of people’s Facebook News feed, because of your one “Like”.

When you drop a comment, such as “Wow” or “Amen” or “smile face” or anything on the post, you give “visa” to that post to reach to thousands of people, to go across the land, again because of your one simple comment.

And this is another powerful thing we all shouldn’t forget about Facebook: When you press like and drop your simple comment on the post, you’re literally advertising the Facebook page (such as A4P) to people who didn’t hear about it.

Can you do that for me? Will you help me reach as many people as I can as you contribute your like and comment on A4P posts?

No, not your money I’m asking here. I’m asking your likes and comments on the post. These two are the currency of Facebook world. These are the pieces of rocks I’m asking you to contribute so that God’s work will be accomplished.

So, I’m calling you to stand with me. Will you?

Remember, a call for the work of God never comes every day. There is no call in Heaven. Do you know that? There is only reward!

And the Day of the LORD is nearer today than yesterday and the day for you and I to go to be with Jesus is closer today than yesterday. Either way you look at it, one thing is sure, and that is time is running out.

Will you stand with me? Will you take this call to heart? Will you promise to yourself and God that you will never pass by the message of God without pressing like and dropping comment?

May the LORD bless you all!

And to those of you out there who sustain your support so far so that A4P remains on Facebook. Thank you!

And with A4P, remember, your prayers are always appreciated!///

P.S. If you are reading this via email, this is the way to contribute your pieces of rocks: Introduce A4P to your contacts and sign in their email addresses directly from the website so that they can receive A4P messages. You can also drop your comments on the A4P official website. Thank you!