Outstanding Response

Wow, the response for the matching ministry is “insanely wonderful”, lol. I’m very excited!!! Messages are still pouring out in my inbox. Keep it coming!!! Wow, guys, I’m so thankful to be with you all who are positive and full of energy and enthusiasm.

I also want to say “Thank you”, for those of you, for taking your time

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to drop a note and encourage me to continue with the idea. That is great!

I also want to leave a special “Thank You” note to the brothers and sisters in Boston who prayed for me and A4P yesterday on their Wednesday morning prayer meeting. Amazing! I don’t even know them!!! But they know me through the Spirit we all share. Thank you so much my beloved brothers and

sisters!!! May God bless you!!!

And now I need more people who will say something like: “I can help you with generating a questionnaire” (which is a key role, to filter out fakes, liars, and jokers); or “I can help you with advertising the idea” or; “I can help you with making flyers so that more people will hear about it” or something.

Don’t ever think that I can do this by myself. I am just one body part. If, let’s say, I’m the pinky finger, what can a pinky finger accomplish without the help of the hand, arm and the whole body? Nothing!!!

I have received enough “what if you meet a lion on your way” kind of messages. Guys, we need to have a certain amount of fear when we do the work of God but not to the extent for the fear to disable us. Let’s be positive since God is working with us. Let’s be ready to jump in to bring the idea into a reality so that perhaps we may help somebody else out there.

Some people said: “What if a couple gets married and decide to get divorced? Do you know that they are going to blame you and A4P?”

Let’s be clear on something here: There are always people who are going to blame us for their fault. There are always people out there who will say things which are not true about us. Whether we go out from our comfort zone to do the work of God to help others or we lock ourselves up in our room, to do nothing, there are people who will say something negative about us. Am I right? We can do nothing about that. We can’t change that reality. We can’t go door to door to try to change people. So, if that is the case, why don’t we just concentrate on those things which we can bring a difference to?

Remember, a matching service will only introduce a couple to each other. It doesn’t throw them a wedding party so that they will get married. It doesn’t force them to get married either. These two people, one man and one woman, will be introduced to each other and the rest is their own responsibility. These are two adults who should be responsible to make their relationship work, not the matching service.

Another thing is this: Whenever I say “RARE JEWEL” or “RARE SAPPHIRE”, I’m not only referring to virgins, guys. Remember, precious stones usually go through fire for them to start shinning!!! So, being a virgin is not a criterion to be a candidate for matching ministry!!! And as I always say, “physical virginity is not the only sign of sexual purity”. (Please read my November, December, January and February articles).

Okay, I’ve to go now. Looking forward to hearing from those of you who already pulled your sleeves up to get to work.

The best Bible verse to close this note with: “The God of heaven will give us success. We His servants will start rebuilding” the House of God, but as for the devil, he won’t have any share. (Nehemiah 2:20).