“I Thought Showing Off My Bellybutton”

Summer is my favorite season of the year mainly because I get a chance to spend more time with my kids. Truth be told, these days I am spending less and less time with them as they are growing very fast and are very busy with their own lives. My older son, Abel, leaves home around 8:30am for his summer internship, which he’s doing at the University of Maryland and he doesn’t get back home until late in the afternoon. I’m not responsible to drop and pick him up anymore since he drives himself; and letting my kids go, JUST LIKE THAT, has been the most challenging and emotional part of parenting for me. Very tough!

For my husband, forget it! He is waiting for the day that he is going to say “Goodbye” to our little one, Biruk, who is very much ready to be on his own. I, on the other hand, dread the passing of each day knowing that my kids are not going to be with me for much longer.

Oh, how I love each one of my kids! You have no idea. I’m sure you are not surprised by that since I’m a mother. I mean, duh, what else can a mother say about her kids other than saying that she loves them to death? Nothing! Continue reading “I Thought Showing Off My Bellybutton”