What are we becoming into?

A4P Guest: I’m 25 years old and I’ve been chatting with this man for almost one year now. I think I can say that we are dating even though we are dating online. He lives in America and I live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is 29 years old. We pretty much talk almost everyday on Facebook or Viber and sometimes on Skype if I find good Internet connection. Now we are kind of agreeing to get married. We both are born again Christians and we want to do dating and marriage according to God’s will. I’m dropping you this message today because of one issue. Few months ago, we started to talk about sex, how we both had never been sexual with another person and all. Then one thing led to the other, now we are talking about sex almost every day. And last week he asked me to send him – – – pictures of me. Do you think it is wrong to talk about sex and send – – – pictures to the man I am planning to marry?”

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The Cross

“The Cross is offensive because it directly confronts the evils which dominate this world . . . . One of the reasons why the cross is offensive to people is that the Cross demands, it does not suggest, it demands a new lifestyle in all of us.” -Pastor Billy Graham
The Cross demands a new lifestyle in all of us!
So, if we are ambassadors of the message of the Cross, our messages, in words or actions, must demand change of life in us as well as in those who hear our messages; otherwise we are entertainers, ministers of this dark world. ///