13 Years ago Today!

Biruks 13th birthday

On Friday, September 06, 2002, I was admitted to the hospital. I was pregnant with our youngest son, Biruk. He was growing so fast that they had to induce labor two weeks before his due date. By that time, he was already weighing nine pounds and three ounces. I didn’t gain weight as much as I was expected to because I was hardly able to keep anything down. I didn’t have any sugar or blood pressure problems, but the baby was growing at an alarming rate for no known reasons. When I was admitted to the hospital, I was 100% sure that I was going to have my baby naturally as I had my other kids. Well, when they began monitoring me, my baby’s heartbeat became erratic. They didn’t know why. The heartbeat sounded like the baby was about to stop living. Continue reading 13 Years ago Today!