“Jesus didn’t come to rescue us from our humanity”

Whenever I find a good book to read, I forget the whole world, I mean I literally forget the rest of the world, including myself.

And Joshua Harris who is one of my favorite authors successfully makes his readers get lost in the Truth of God. As you flip the pages, you get socked, drowned and lost in awe of God and His Truth! For me personally, reading Pastor Harris’ book is like having a wonderful devotional time with my LORD and God. Breathtaking!

If you didn’t read his books such as “sex is not the problem (lust is)” or “not even a hint” or “Boy meets Girl” or “I kissed Dating Goodbye”, well, you are missing out. You may not know this but Pastor Harris’s books are one of those “must-read” books many marriage counselors recommend to singles! So, if you are single, get these books and you will know what I am talking about. Continue reading “Jesus didn’t come to rescue us from our humanity”