My Recent Travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Thank you for all of you who liked my family’s Ethiopian Christmas Day picture and dropped off your sweet comments. I know most of you don’t know this but my siblings are on this page and they liked it too, lol. I love them very much!

In case you don’t know this, that particular family picture doesn’t represent the whole “Tadess Kifetew’s” family but only 1% of the family. For example, our German brother-in-law, the one we love very dearly, is not in it because he was the one with the camera. All our in-laws, three of our siblings, eight of our parent’s grand-children (two them are in the picture) and around 67 their adopted grand-children (adopted children of my brother, the one you see in the picture wearing eye glasses) were not in picture. I know, it is a very big family. When I manage to get them all in one picture, I sure will post that picture so that you will meet them all.

Some of you asked me yesterday in church to write about my stay in Addis. Do you think I can start to write and finish it all here on this page? I don’t think so! Continue reading My Recent Travel to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia