“But Mom there is one thing missing- – – ”

I always love the time I have with my kids early in the morning. When I drop them off to school, I love the opportunity God is always giving me to be with them. While their brain is fresh and wide awake to absorb anything, I strive to speak truth to their hearts using every opportunity I get. We always pray as we drive to their school. We usually listen to the Christian radio channels, such as 95.1FM (WRBS), 91.9FM (WGTS) and 105.1FM (WAVA). I can’t tell you how much these radio stations changed my life and theirs for the better. May the LORD bless the people behind these stations! Continue reading “But Mom there is one thing missing- – – ”

Thank you!

What a wonderful Sunday night I had yesterday at the Bethel Church in Virginia! Praise the LORD!

I would like to say “Thank you” to Pastor Beniam, his beautiful wife, his whole family and all the ministers at the Bethel Church Virgina, for having me and the Appeal for Purity ministry at your gathering! Thank you! God bless you and all you’re doing for the Kingdom of God.

Thank you also to all my Facebook fans who came out yesterday night to support me. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate each one of you. It was a great pleasure for me especially to meet a couple who drove all the way from Columbia, MD, just to meet me in person and encourage me on the work I’m doing. Thank you so much guys! May the LORD bless you abundantly! ///