Salvation Comes before Sexual Purity

“I ran into your page after I saw one of your speaking engagement flyers shared on one of my friends’ Facebook account. After reading one or two of your articles, I got interested to read more. I always ask why I’m reading your posts because I don’t even call myself a believer in God. I mean I believe there is God but I don’t have a religion or anything. I believe my sexuality is my own business. Continue reading Salvation Comes before Sexual Purity

Choose to be Wise than Prudent

I sometimes feel like our family is a little crazy. Seriously! Sometimes the whole house is full of music and dancing at every corner you turn to. And the next day, nobody has time to talk. Everybody takes his/her corner with a book or laptop and the house feels like nobody is living in it. And another time, humor fills the house. Joke might not be a reason for us to laugh but action we see on the movie or one of us “funny way” of falling down the stairs. I know we find that to be very entertaining.

Do we fight? You better believe it! We do fight but I think we fight a GOOD fight! Continue reading Choose to be Wise than Prudent