Another Intriguing Question

Question: I first came across your page a couple months ago and I pressed “Like” before I read anything. I read some of your articles and I hated each one of them. So, I “unliked” it after I read one of your articles about porn and sexual purity. I was very upset. I took that article personally. It felt like you were watching my life and writing to address that. So I was very mad at you and at all your writings. The funny thing was this: I struggled with myself never to check your page but I got this pull to check it literally every day. Continue reading Another Intriguing Question

Question and Answer

Question: My husband and I had conflict we couldn’t find a solution for. So we looked for Christian counselors and went to one of their offices in our area. We didn’t want to tell our church ministers because everybody thought that we had a perfect marriage; so we felt embarrassed to tell them of our struggles. And my husband felt really uncomfortable telling anyone about any of our stories. He said, “They will tell everybody”. Continue reading Question and Answer