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I Reluctantly Asked

On my way back from St. Louis, Missouri, I took the airport shuttle from the airport to come home. The driver was very upset with his boss for ordering him to take me. I know, he had no personal issue with me but with his boss who didn’t seem to listen to him, as he told me. He was supposed to be off at that time but I arrived when he was about to leave and his boss ordered him to take the last passenger home.


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Cuddle Hormone

Yeap! They call it cuddle hormone. It is Oxytocin. It has multiple and complicated functions in our body but mainly it helps us to bond and make us “relatable” creatures. It mainly bonds mothers to their babies. It also helps to intensify bonding memories, but both good and bad memories.

It is primarily because of this hormone that we should run away from our ex-boy/girlfriend once we’re married. Otherwise those “love-again” stories may occur like lightening without any warnings because of the good memories oxytocin kept in our memory bank. Make note of that! Continue reading Cuddle Hormone

“What? Sexual Desire?”

Porn cannot give you anything because it has NOTHING to give.

Rather, porn takes from you every precious and God-given treasure you have. It takes them one by one until you have NOTHING left.

“What kind of treasure?”

Prayer, thirst and hunger for the things of God, self-control, peace, joy, rest, good and restful sleep, love, patience, ability to focus, think and reason, on and on and on, including your precious God-given sexual desire. Continue reading “What? Sexual Desire?”

Back to Maryland!

It is ALWAYS good to be back to Maryland. After I came from St. Louis, I slept straight for twelve hours. Yeah, I was extremely exhausted.
Before I tell you all about my trip though, I want to thank the leaders of the Redeemer of World Evangelical Church (RWEC): Pastor Tesfay and his wife, Dr. Amanuel and his wife (Dr. Eden), Henok and his wife (Atsede), and Betty and her husband (Dr. Azarias) and Dr. Meheret and her husband (Dr. Zerihun) and all the other leaders I didn’t get a chance to meet. Thank you and may God bless you all!

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