Annoying Things Husbands do to Their Wives

* Talking on the phone with the person his wife is not getting along with; not only talking but laughing and enjoying the conversation while his wife sits next to him.
Irritating! Bro, why do you even answer the phone? Call them later when you are outside the house.
* Telling his wife “to chill” while the house is a mess.
Bro, your wife can’t chill while her house is a mess. Instead, give her a hand to clean it up and she will teach you how to chill out!

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Annoying Things Wives do to Their Husbands

  • Making every little disagreement or conflict a reason to avoid sex.

That is just crazy! Sister, pouting just before bedtime is not romantic at all. Do you know what he is saying when he looks at your “long face”? Well, you know it but let me tell you. He says to himself, “Here we go again!” Brush it all of and learn to let go and to wisely pick your fights. Continue reading Annoying Things Wives do to Their Husbands

A call to all Ethiopians!

Let’s show to the whole world that we are Ethiopians by stretching our hands and helping these Ethiopians, little children and their mothers.

May God remember our people with His mercy and grace! I can’t stop crying! This is very, very sad! My heart goes out to the mothers and those little kids.

Please let’s all pray and give generously! ///


I mean, I just came back from Oakland, CA and it is raining here in Maryland:(.

What do you call that? Fair? If I am down, do you blame me?

And hear this: People who live in Oakland complain about the high tax they pay. You know what I said to them? I said, “Actually, y’all have to pay tax for the gorgeous sun you are privileged to see every day as well as for the amazingly beautiful air you breath!” Continue reading NOT FAIR AT ALL!