Happy Mother’s Day🎉💗🌹😍🥰😘

Our planet is reserved to this day because of you, women, and me.


We are naturally mothers to everything we’re given.

I mean, our restrooms are still in a working condition because of us, am I right?

Talk about our fridges, kitchens, bedrooms, you name it! It is because of a woman’s mother’s instinct that they’re all kept alive, in a working condition and they are still presentable.

Well, I already started it, didn’t I, so I may as well finish it with this truth.

Because of us women men are enjoying their lives.

Any disagreement with that statement? Keep it to yourself before you embarrass yourself.

But sadly enough, sometimes we women, who are married to one man, try to mother our husbands to the point of “raising them” as if they were 6 year old boys.

That would have been an okay thing to do if they grow out of their immaturity and even their personalities because of our mothering instincts but they don’t. That is why the Bible never says, “Wives, since you are naturally a mother, mother your husband.”


Rather, the Bible calls wives to act towards their husbands in a way to call their own husbands to be real Men!

Oops! I made it a marriage post, didn’t I?

No! This post is to say Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers/women out there!

My woman friend, find your calling to be a mother and you will never squander your time in useless and valueless things. Don’t say, “But I am not a mother. I never gave birth to a child.”

But you’re a woman and a woman is basically, naturally wired to think and do things in a motherly way. When she does finds who she is, she finds her womanhood and shuts off the devil’s big mouth that tries to discourage her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my sisters, to all women out there! ///