Lead, Provide and Protect

The word of God makes sense even to the person who cares less to the Bible, the word of God.

It’s God who created us. Hmm!

If we struggle with that fact, that is it! Everything in life will be very confusing for us especially the institution called MARRIAGE, a committed and covenantal relationship between one man and one woman.

The definition of marriage is not up for grabs. It is not something we can define and redefine. It is something we find, just as we find ourselves in this planet.

I mean, what did we do when we found ourselves here on earth?

Did we change our flight to go to the next planet?



That is what marriage is. We find it and we can do nothing about it except trying our best to learn what it is and how this institution should be ran. And the manual is called “Bible.”

Until we do that, we lead a miserable marriage and that is by choice oops! I said it, didn’t I? I guess I did but what I meant is this: Choosing God and the ways of God is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Rejecting God and His ways is for our own damnation.

Anyways, this is what I actually want to say today:

It is the man’s, the man of the house’s, the husband’s responsibility to preside, provide and protect his wife and his children.

This is simple and direct. And some people think that they can switch these responsibilities and make them woman’s/the wife’s because they say, “Duh! We are in 21st century!”

My friend, God is the creator of time too. No one can outdate God nor His truth. Whether we are in the 1st century to 100, the truth remains as God remains.

So, if you are a husband of one wife, this message is for you!

Get your house in order! Take the responsibility of leadership which is translated in the word of God as “servant-leadership” and provide and protect your wife and children. You are responsible to lead your family, your wife and children, in all righteous ways; it is your responsibility to provide (as they say, “bring the bacon home”) and protect your wife and your children. Read Ephesians 5:25-31.

My friend, the moment you dodge these responsibilities and pass them to your wife, your life will be in jeopardy, to the say the least. Read Genesis 3.

Your wife is created to be a “suitable helper,” not a provider and protector! She is not created to lead you and your children. Your wife is created to nurture, love and care. (Read Genesis 2.) Sure, your wife can go out and work too just like the Proverbs 31 woman but her income that she brings from the sale of her “linen garment” business (Proverbs 31:24) should not be the main or the only source of income to your house.

If you do that, your wife loses any respect for you, not because she is mean or the devil is in her but because she is meant to respect you naturally when you lead, provide and protect, not when you wait on her for your needs, or sit in front of a screen and entertain yourself 24/7.

And when a wife loses respect to you, you know what that implies? It means, she struggles to be sexually attracted to you. She begins to see you as one of her responsibilities. Some people say, “She starts to see him as one of her children.”

I don’t agree with that statement because a woman enjoys raising her kids. Do you know why? The main reason is this: Seeing her children grow encourages her to raise them in the best she knows how.

If she raises her husband, hello, she sees “no growth.” That sips all her energy, strength and desires out! It depletes all her romantic love to her husband.

I better stop here, I guess. I will come back to this topic again. For now, please hear me, especially if you are a young single man: Be a man before you find yourself in a marriage!

A man does not only mean “a male” with a male sexual organ; but it also means a person who is responsible and accountable, a person who works hard preparing himself to be a protector, a provider and a leader of his future wife and kids.

And let me tell you something: A male can be a man only if he sees, learns and challenges himself by seeing, not just men, but godly men! A man may provide but does not know how to protect and lead unless he knows and follows the Lord Jesus Christ who is the King of kings and the Lord of lords who came as a servant to save the lost.

And God calls you to Jesus’ order, for you to be a “servant-leader,” not just a leader.

And godly men are not the ones who sit at the front pew of the church on a comfortable, beautiful, leather sofa, and jump up and down on the stage of the church to prophesy all kinds of crazy things to hypnotize people. Oops! I said it, didn’t I? Yes, I did, because it has to be said!

Godly men are the ones whose wives and children will testify about their godliness! If not, they are nothing but phonies. ///