Luck Vs. Providential

You go to church and as you listen to the message carefully, you see Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross for your sin and glorified and sat down at the right hand of God interceding for you.

And you say, “Eyofyei!” (Sigh of relief)

That is exactly what’s happening to us these days!

Our pastor, Pastor Jospeh, starts speaking with a strong voice and wraps up his message struggling with his tears, not with sadness but out of joy for the hope that is laid out for us in heaven.

And sometimes I feel like I am hearing the Gospel for the first time! That is what Reformed Theology is all about!

Anyways, please watch this short video and see if you interpret both your or others’ healing or death as providential. If not, you may be following that funny gospel that goes something like, “Jesus died on the cross to make you happy, healthy and wealthy.”🙈🙊🙉 ///