Too All My Non-Ethiopian Friends & Families!

I am sharing this video with so much excitement!


Well, most of you, my non-Ethiopian friends and families, have been asking me why I’ve been talking a lot about Ethiopia these days. And I tried to give you some answers but I always felt inadequate to give all the answers eloquently. That always frustrated me a lot!

Now, thanks to Hermela Aregawi, I don’t need to get frustrated because Hermela can answer all your questions professionally and eloquently.

I would like to say thank you to the host of “BreathThrough News,” Rania Khalek, for having Hermela as her guest. This is not the only time Rania has spoken about Ethiopia truthfully. She’s been inviting different guests who are voices to millions voiceless Ethiopians.

Rania, on behalf of many Ethiopians and myself, I would like to say thank you for using your platform to speak the truth about Ethiopia!

Hermela, what can I say to you? May God be with you! May God be with your mom who is standing up with you in this trying and challenging period. I can only imagine what you’re going through. May the grace of God be multiplied up on you!

My friends, please follow and support Hermela on YouTube and most social media platforms: @HermelaTV.

She is an amazing independent journalist (by the way, she recently became an independent Journalist so she can have the freedom to talk about the TRUTH as a professional journalist).

And for those of you who are asking me if “Appeal for Purity” Facebook page is turning into politics, my answer is, this post as well as all other messages of A4P are appealing to the truth so we can have purity in the body, soul and spirit, the only way we can see God and glorify Him.

I am a born-again Christian marching to my eternal home, heaven.

In the meantime, while I walk on this earth, I am an Ethiopian, born and raised by Ethiopian parents. Ethiopia is my country. If speaking for Ethiopia makes me look like a politician to you, so be it!

After all, I always have been saying, “I am just Missy or Meskerem.” I am not a pastor, a prophet or any of those titles. It’s just Missy.

Have a blessed day! ///